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Man the Fuck up Canada

It’s time to man the fuck up Canada. Men in our country have been pussies so long that some of them have literally started believe that they’re not men at all, they’re actually women. You need to be strong Throughout the history of our country we’ve relied on men to go out to war and defend our sovereignty when the country asked. Now women can fight for our country too, which is great, but it doesn’t mean the men can start acting like girls. Men used to work in factories, on farms, or in other jobs that toughened them up....

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New Alt-Right Gestures and Hand Symbols

The alt-right, a German term (das alt-reich) that made it into mainstream North American dialect refers to a diverse group of people from all races, religions, and genders that share one thing in common… They’re all white nationalist fascist Nazis. You don’t want to be a fascist nazi do you? Alt-righters are all around you, plotting for the destruction of honest politicians like Crooked Hillary Clinton, Angela “Murderer of Europe” Merkle, and Barack Hussain Obama. They communicate to each other using a number of secret codes like drinking milk or posting pictures of cartoon frogs on the internet. Noted...

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Hey Conservatives, Global Warming is Real…. AND IT’S YOUR FAULT

Guest Editorial by Left-wing Commentator Licence to Virtue Signal. I know you hate science, CONservative. I know that “If it’s not in your Bible” then it must not be real. Well guess what, I F**king Love Science so much I repost articles from them on Facebook without even reading the article. I like science, in a non-hateful way. The only times you like science is when you transphobically say that “having a penis makes you a man”. Well I have a penis, and do I sound like a man to you??? Checkmate atheist. However, this article isn’t about me feeling morally superior to you. My...

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Dear Left People: You are the Bad Guys Now

Hey person on the political left, whether you call yourself a progressive, a socialist, a liberal or a unicorned pony. I know you think you own the moral high ground but you don’t… and you haven’t had it in a while. Honestly at this point you are the bad guys, and it’s at an almost cartoonish level. You have your own gangs of armed thugs Antifa is a group of armed rioters who actively try to halt free speech and stop people from exchanging in the marketplace of ideas. They burn books and buildings, they pepper spray unarmed people, and...

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Let’s take a minute to laugh about how sad the NDP leadership race is

The NDP is a joke. Their leadership race is the equivalent of a priest, a rabbi, and a Newfie trying to be the first person to walk into the bar. Nobody really cares who wins, the party will be a distant third choice in the next election regardless, but as opposed to the Conservative leadership race the field has ZERO recognizable names. The rules to run for leadership are almost as stupid as the candidates themselves and the party cares more about being progressive than being electable. The LEAP Manifesto Last year the NDP officially threw away their chances...

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