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Paul Fraser: I want the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans to review my Snow Crab Proposal

Have you ever wanted anyone to review your proposal so badly you’d be willing to go to jail? Paul Fraser has, he’s shouted his message from the rooftops and he’s been to jail for it, but Damnit… The Minister of Fisheries and Oceans is going to review his Snow Crab Proposal, come hell or high water. is proud to have an exclusive interview with this Canadian hero. Fraser is a 56 year old fisherman from South Bar, Cape Breton. He’s also an entrepreneur, hiring people to work his ship while he fishes for lobster every spring. When Fraser...

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Wikileaks: Liberal Party of Canada hacked CPC Leadership race

Wikileaks has just released documents that prove the Liberal Party of Canada is hacking the Conservative Party of Canada’s Leadership race by running a Liberal Party insider as a candidate. The plan involves attracting enough support from Liberals and NDP members to nominate the insider as CPC leader, but then to vote either Liberal or NDP at the election anyways. Not much is know about the hack other than the code-name of the operation: Conservative Hopefuls for Ottawa Never Governing (C.H.O.N.G.). Nobody is sure who the infiltrated leader is or what his or her motives could be but this is putting the entire party...

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Refugees illegally enter Canada to prove to Trump they’re not all criminals

As hundreds of refugees leave the safe country of America to illegally enter the safe country of Canada, many have just one thing on their minds. “Proving Donald Trump wrong.” says 34 year old Somalian Mohammed Bin Leabin. “He says that refugees are all terrorists, criminals, and dangerous but he’s so wrong. That’s why I hired a human smuggler to drive me to within yards of the Canadian border so I could sneak over and claim refugee status.” After Donald Trump put a controversial ban on Muslims from seven predominantly Muslim countries, refugees already in America and not understanding how...

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Why punching Richard Spencer Matters

A mob of actual fascists calling themselves Antifa (which unironically stands for Anti-Fascist) punched white supremacist and all around asshole Richard Spencer in the face a few days ago. The media universally applauded this violence, including Canada’s own propaganda outlet, the CBC. It’s been floating around the internet as some big heroic movement, and dank memes were created to celebrate this douchbaggery. But this matters, and its only going to get a hell of a lot worse as time goes on. There is a planned and deliberate strategy in place by the progressives who cannot win by democracy, so they must...

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The 2016 Neckbeard Awards

  Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, old stock Canadians and refugees of all ages, welcome to the FIFTH ANNUAL METACANADA NECKBEARD AWARDS!! Nobody thought we’d be around this long, but that’s what they said about the Reform Party of Canada and look at us now! We have a fantastic show tonight friends, such a fabulous show. It’s going to be Yuuuge! I’m LicencetoShill, your host for tonight’s activities but we sure as heck have a star-studded line-up tonight, with celebrities and political figures including Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau, Lauren Southern, Hillary Clinton and many more. Alan Thick was supposed to present an award tonight but he has been very rudely ignoring my calls lately. Folks, metacanada is the best subreddit on the internet, and is fast becoming the greatest website on the internet according to my latest askjeeves search. I want to thank everyone for voting, for nominating, and for making metacanada “one of the best subreddits out there.” Our first award of the night is for Most Butthurt Subreddit of the Year. There were many qualified nominees for this prestiguous award; /r/Canada, /r/metametacanada, /r/Canadapolitics but none were as overtly, and viciously butt hurt as our award winner. Here to present the award, via tweet, is none other than President Elect Donald J. Trump: Congratulations /r/againsthatesubreddits, I hope one day you’ll see the irony in your name. And thank you Donald, we here...

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