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Why was everything so Friggin’ Awesome for the last twelve months? BECAUSE IT’S 2016!

What a time to be alive! After a horrible 2015, where everything had to be gender-equal, terrorism spread but only islamophobia was attacked, and we lost a great leader in Stephen Harper to a man-child in Justin Trudeau, 2016 first looked like it was going to be the same globalist, progressive, western-civilization destroying garbage that 2015 was. But as winter started melting away the snow and the leftist BS, a new world emerged. This new 2016 world is great for everybody, including the SJW and progressives who are just too stupid to realize it.

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Where is Canada’s Holocaust?

December 7, 1970. A day Justin Trudeau has thought about his entire life. “The Germans call it Warschauer Kniefall,” he tells me staring out the window of his downtown Ottawa office at the people he now leads. “It’s the Holy Grail of national apologies and the official apology of the German people for the holocaust. It may have been the greatest national apology of all time.” Trudeau’s eyes tears up a little bit as he speaks. Over the past year as the Parliamentary correspondent for MetaCanada, I’ve gotten to know Justin at a level most people never have a chance...

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Donald Trump is the only person with a plan to stop Islamophobia

That’s right, not Hillary Clinton, not Barack Obama, not Justin Trudeau or even Stephen Harper but Donald J. Trump. And I’m going to tell you why. What causes Islamophobia First I should start out with what doesn’t cause Islamophobia. Creating a temporary ban on Muslims doesn’t, nor does making someone remove their hijab at a citizenship ceremony. Nobody hears that a particular party wants to ban Sharia law and that causes them to be afraid of Islam. A person doesn’t hear that Stephan Harper wants to bring in more Christian refugees than Muslim and thinks “holy crap, now I’m terrified!” No,...

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Nihilist Friedrich Nietzsche proves Black Lives Don’t Matter correspondent LicensetoShill sits down with famed Germany Nihilist Friedrich Nietzsche to discuss Black Lives Matters, the upcoming Olympic games and Game of Thrones predictions. Here is a sample of the interview, but tune in on RebelMedia this Friday to see the whole interview in Technicolor. Licence: Good morning Dr. Nietzsche, or can I call you Freddy? Thank you very much for being here with me today and answering some of my questions. Nietzsche: You may certainly not, it is either Herr Doctor, or Dr. Neitzsche. I would choose not be here, but alas it makes no difference whether I am here or there. Dead or alive. Lost or found. Life is meaningless and God is dead. Licence: Great stuff Freddy. Now you’re a private guy and many of your fans want to know more about you, and why you kept your sexual orientation hidden from them for so long. What can you tell me about being a gay man in the rock industry? Nietzsche: I believe you are confusing me with the deceased musician Freddy Mercury of the band Queen. I assure you I am not him, yet the world, nigh, the universe would not be different in the least if I had been. Love is trivial, life is meaningless. Licence: Ballroom Blitz might be my favourite song of yours. But let’s move on, shall we? As I’m sure you’re aware the Black...

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How to React to a Terrorist Attack in Canada

With so many Americans planning on moving to Canada after Donald Trump wins the election, and terrorist attacks worldwide increasing (for no reason whatsoever), it’s time to brush up on the Canadian way to respond when one of these terror attacks happen. Step 1: Act Confused about the Cause of the Attack Don’t let common sense or history dictate the possible cause of this terror attack. Ensure that you pretend to be completely oblivious to the potential causes, even after facts start coming out that the attacker is named “Omar” or “Mohammed,” or even that they shouted “Allah Akbar” before the attack...

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