Author: License To Shill

CBC releasing new Syrian Refugee App

The CBC is not taking long to spend that extra $650 million dollars the Liberal government allotted to them in the recent budget. Next Friday CBC is releasing the Syrian Refugee 2016 app for iPhone and Android devices. Riding on the success of feel-good, low quality, “news” stories such as “Syrian refugees experience hockey for first time”, “Refugee family checks out Tim Hortons for the first time”, “Syrian children takes first toboggan ride”, and the very popular “Syrians skate on ice for the first time” this app appears destined for success. The premise of the app is simple: first you...

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Racism – Because it’s 2016

It has to be pretty easy to be a left wing politician in 2016. All you have to do is take a stance on an issue, any issue really, then insult your opponent for having different views. You can call them homophobic, sexist, transphobic, or islamaphobic but the one that seems to work the best is just to call your opponent a plain old racist. If your opponent happens to be an older white male you’ve already won the argument, because the majority of the left will just blindly agree that they are. God forbid you try to discuss...

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Trudeau is Buying Himself a Legacy – With Your Money

The numbers aren’t yet finalized but the low estimates are that Justin Trudeau’s government is going to spend $30 billion a year more than it takes in, with a minimum future cost to Canadians of over $100 billion. That’s a tenth of a trillion dollars that future conservative governments will have to pay back using your money, all because Justin Trudeau wants to buy himself a legacy today. It’s one thing for a government to go into deficit when the country is in a recession. That’s what Stephen Harper did in 2008, and after years of hard work he...

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