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Hard Choices, Necessary Options: Justin Trudeau’s Noble Fight for Reproductive Rights

Sixty percent of Canadians want some form of regulation or limits on abortion. Justin Trudeau believes that any limit on abortion is a limit on individual freedoms. –Kimberly Slauvre Although PM Stephen Harper prevented the abortion debate from being reopened, there is still a sense of general unease and uncertainty about the future of reproductive rights in Canada, particularly concerning a woman’s rationale for not carrying an unwanted pregnancy to full term. Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkin’s controversial tweet last week prompted conservative pundits and politicians to again kick the hornets’ nest in an effort to free the majority bent. The question...

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The Yazoo-Ottawa Connection [Revisited]

A tragic Canadian tale of unrequited love, sacrifice, and ambition (First published on February 2014) MetaCanada received a fax from Yazoo City’s Federal Correctional Complex detailing this correspondence. The sender, unknown, insinuated that there would be “more where this came from.” Of that we’re not sure. But we are sure that this tale of forbidden love and intoxicants will touch your heart. December 4, 2013 My darling Justin, It’s been weeks since I last wrote, and I have yet to hear back from you. I understand you’re very busy these days. The carnivalesque nature of politics is something I, too,...

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Letter from the Editor: Ideological Purity and the UTSU

Check your privilege, dear reader Dear Anglo-Saxons and other Colonialists, Your tyrannical reign is over. It comes as no surprise that some people would rally against progress and revolution in a futile effort to prorogue change and maintain the status quo. But it should also come as no surprise that all pinkish-grey opposition will soon be defeated with hateful rhetoric, institutional bias, and libelous aspersions. The University of Toronto’s Student Union has publicly announced their intention to restructure their board of representatives and re-purpose their role in the community. The Union, responsible for distributing and siphoning funds accumulated from...

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Zooming to the Bank: In Defense of the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan

IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE LIBERAL’S PROPOSED PLAN, YOU’RE AN AGEIST Like most of my peers who grew up in the 50’s, I ignored or rebuked my elders’ suggestions to save. “A penny saved is a penny earned,” they’d babble. If only they could see me now and realize how erroneous their warnings really were. The proposed Ontario Retirement Pension Plan is a godsend, meaning that my past fifty years of selfish living and frivolous spending won’t hinder me from enjoying my golden years. My objective in life used to be fighting the man; now I’m trying to get...

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Wynne’s Kin: eHealth’s New Puppet

Ontario Premier’s brother-in-law appointed CEO of eHealth. Hooray for Ontario’s nonpartisan agencies! ONTARIO—Premier Wynne has been jogging away from questions about her brother-in-law’s appointment as CEO of eHealth. The chief question being posed by the AP is, “Is this another example of OLP cronyism, and how do I jump on that bandwagon?” The provincial government established eHealth Ontario in 2008 as an “independent agency of the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.” Its dubious independence has now come under additional scrutiny, as some are calling Rounthwaite’s appointment, “a Game of Thrones kind of incestuous-maneuver.” Dr. Jason Mercury—an Ontario physician who closely followed the controversy regarding eHealth’s waste of $1Bn while failing to get a digital health record running—suggests Wynne’s kin would be ideal for running such a mired institution. With an obedient proxy in a somewhat innocuous “independent” agency, Wynne’s emulated the key strategy employed by her favorite TV icon, Nucky Thompson (i.e. develop and extend your tribe into the community, so that if the community balks at your command, you suffocate them with your different appendages). How I’d love to sit-in on one of their family get-togethers and listen in awe as they can talk about how best to squander Ontario-taxpayer’s money… Rounthwaite’s first order of business will likely be to determine if there is any archived correspondence or medical records the OLP needs deleted. The second order will...

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