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Order of Canada’s a Whiter Shade of Pale

No Rubric Needed or Offered for Criminal Pick and Choose /joetravers Lord Conrad Black must feel as if the brilliant black marble in his study has turned into a malignant and tarry sea, ready to wash him out into exile, oblivion. Without the Order of Canada, he’s reduced to a schlep, a commoner. In an effort to get to the bottom of his public shaming by the Order of Canada, MetaCanada attempted to contact the Advisory Council at Rideau Hall for comment. Unfortunately, they deferred us to their FAQ, underlining one power of the Council in particular: “[to terminate]...

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A Hair Away from a Majority

The Politics of Facial Hair in the Upcoming Election u/joetravers OTTAWA—With Prime Minister Harper back from the Middle East, notably more tan and comfortable in his own skin, the Trudeau camp has turned its attention away from detailing platform specifics to re-presenting the Liberal, prime-minister hopeful. Before he can articulate his plan for Canada, insiders are saying he must first attend to the more fundamental element underpinning the election: his image. The Liberal Party learned a hard lesson in 2011. If you can’t control your image in the press and on social media, you’re anybody’s muse, especially with the...

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Ontario Government Deems Every Service Essential, Everyone a Service

 New budget will contain provisions declaring everyone and everything essential to the health and well-being of the economy /RedWizard QUEENS PARK – Finance Minister Charles Sousa will table the government’s budget this spring with some radical alterations in mind. Contained in the bill is a provision that will forever change the balance of labour relations in the province and set a precedent for the nation. Sources close to the Ministry told MetaCanada that the 2014 budget effectually declares everyone and everything in the province of Ontario an essential service. Everyone—from the CFOs of major-Bay-Street financial firms, to the homeless man selling conspiracy-theorist newspapers...

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