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The not so shocking rise of populism in Canada

By equating the alt-right, nationalism, populism, and conservatism we only push them further to the fringes rather than engaging people and understanding each other. A wise man once said that we need to get to the root causes of the problem, unfortunately journalists and pundits have spent time warning Canadians of populism or the alt-right, without even considering the problems which have led to their rise.

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Trudeau Announces Whoville Economic Approach to grow the Canadian Economy

At a press conference ealier today, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau promised to grow the economy “not from the top down, but from the heart outwards.” In this bold policy departure from accepted western economic rationale, Trudeau signalled a sudden shift to Whoville Economics. As proven year after year of interaction with the Grinch, the best way to grow the economy, from the heart, is through Christmas joy and spirit. Whoville’s GDP outpaces Canada’s in its December projections alone. The Liberal shift is a bold, cross agency shift to grow the hearts of Canadians from coast to coast. Possible systems...

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Nomination race heats up in Ottawa-Vanier

 Liberal powerhouses face off in hotly-contested race /medym Ottawa Liberals are faced with tough choices when selecting their nominee to run in the 2015 General Election campaign.  The riding, which has been represented by Mauril Belanger since 1995, is now home to some big players in the Liberal party who have their eyes set on running in 2015. Belanger, a  veteran politican, has held back strong contenders in the past to create what has become a Liberal stronghold in one of Canada’s wealthiest ridings.  Belanger’s grasp on the riding could change this year with two prominent Liberal candidates swooping into Ottawa-Vanier....

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Justin Trudeau Refuses to Vote in Quebec Provincial Elections

Liberal leader opts out of Quebec elections OTTAWA–Both federal and provincial politicians were stunned to learn on Monday that Justin Trudeau is refusing to vote in Quebec’s Provincial Elections. With the Parti Quebecois angling to win a mandate to impose their controversial Values Charter, politicians, social activists, and community groups have been fighting to get out the votes. Despite representing Papineau in the House of Commons, Trudeau will not cast his vote in the Quebec election. His abstention has elicited condemnation and outcry, granted the importance of his involvement as both a federal leader and a Quebec MP. Trudeau...

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