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Trudeau’s Middle Class

Class of the Titans: The Liberal Party of Canada’s Crusade for the Middle Class* Canadian politicians seem to be in disagreement over what social and economic factors constitute membership to the middle class and what this membership means for their political rationales and objectives. The middle class generally connotes “the social group between the working class and the upper class, including professional and business workers and their families.”  This is a very loose and broad definition.  The Liberal Party of Canada has decided to implicitly define and champion their version of the middle class. Many Canadians are rightfully concerned...

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Speculation looms as rescue crews continue to search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

Canadian political party discovers possible location of down aircraft; keep it hidden in fear of political fallout Weeks into the search efforts, rescue workers have yet to find any sign of the downed Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, which was carrying 227 passengers and crew on a routine trip to Beijing. While world leaders have pledged their support to the rescue effort and offered their thoughts and prayers, one notable Canadian politician has sat silent, and for good reason. An anonymous source within the Liberal Party of Canada suggested that they know where the downed aircraft is, but are keeping...

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Just Liberal Things

#JustLiberalThings Continuing our coverage of each political party’s unique attitudes, entitlements and perspectives, today we look at the Liberal Party of Canada!        ...

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Just Conservative Things

#JustConservativeThings In the partisan world of politics, there are some things you cannot escape.  The cliques, the entitlements, and the attitudes are unique to each party.  Over the next few days we will look into those uniquely partisan aspects of each political party. Today we look at those Just Conservative Things        ...

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A Ukrainian Miracle on Ice

Threats from Russia might land it in the penalty box MOSCOW—Over the past two weeks, tens of millions of viewers were dazzled by the spectacle that was the Sochi Winter Olympics. While today, most nations are reflecting on and celebrating their respective triumphs, Russians are collectively brooding. Although the Russians dominated the podium, reports have emerged that President Vladimir Putin was far from impressed. For most countries, the games are thinly-veiled demonstrations of nationalistic fervor and capability. For Putin, it was a political proving ground. With big disappointments in short track, hockey, and figure skating, Asian political experts believe...

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