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Wynne at a Loss for Words During Reddit AMA

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne performs her usual question-evasion tactics on popular online forum: Ask, Don’t Tell /Medym After a great deal of hype and much fanfare on Twitter, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne took to Reddit to take part in an “Ask Me Anything” (a.k.a. an ‘AMA’). The format has long been used by celebrities and politicians to engage with a trans-global Reddit channel that boasts a casual user-base of over 4.5 million subscribers. Among the top recent AMAs of note, President Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Bill Nye, and Sir David Attenborough, greeted redditors with spirited and informative Q&As. Today, Premier...

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Libracide 451

Harper Government publicly condemned by British Historical Society for “libracide,” sabotage, and “subversive partisan tactics” /Medym OTTAWA—The Harper Government has taken another hit on its environmental record, but this time from an unlikely source. Today, the British Historical Society took a rare step into the political arena, issuing a damning statement against the Harper Government.  In the statement, BHS spokesperson Glen Douglass railed against the Tory’s alleged “libracide.” With the closure of multiple Fisheries and Oceans Canada libraries and dozens of other government libraries, hundreds of invaluable documents are feared lost. “The loss,” Douglass wrote, “constitutes one of the...

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Valentine’s Day in Parliament

It’s the time for love in Ottawa once more. Chocolates, flowers, and Valentine’s Day cards have already started to circulate. But, in these tough economic times, not everyone has a chance to go out and buy their own cards. We took the time to make some for you all to print and use. First up, we have Rob Ford, mayor of the only city in Canada, and notorious crack enthusiast: Next, we have Stephen J Harper, prime dictator and overlord of Canada: Liberal Party of Canada leader Justin Trudeau doesn’t need a pickup line with those dreamy eyes, but we’ve prepared one for him anyway: Now we know the real reason that NDP leader Thomas Mulcair is widely considered to be the angriest man in Canadian history: Conservative MP Tim Uppal is awkward at parties: Political activist / extreme nut-bar Bridgette Depape is probably the worst person in Canada to ever have as your girlfriend, but here’s her valentine anyway: Conservative MP Rob Anders scribbled this down before falling asleep in parliament today: Warning: If you take Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne out for dinner, she’ll make you pay and force you to leave before the meal is brought out to your table: I’m not sure if NDP MP Pat Martin is using innuendo or not because all he ever wants to do is collect money from people: Novelty cheque...

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Federal Money Down the Grapevine

There has been a lot of speculation and concern regarding the Federal government’s upcoming 2014 budget scheduled for release on February 11. While Harper’s Tories have striven with gum and glue for an air-tight ship, closely guarding budget information, one item of interest has been leaked online. The leak divulges an estimated $1Bn budget-spending initiative, which has critics skeptical about the Tory Government’s earlier-purported fiscal restraint. This earmarked money, almost entirely resistant to Access-to-Information and Privacy-Act requests, will be partly used to subsidize the salaries for Don Cherry and co-host Ron MacClean.

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#StepDownNow- Veterans and Canadians call for removal of MP

Veterans, union leaders, and Canadians across the country, have voiced outrage over the conduct Julian Fantino, Member of Parliament and Cabinet Minister for Veteran’s Affairs. Fantino has been accused of giving veteran groups the cold shoulder, arriving hours late to a scheduled meeting and engaging in a shouting match with members of the group.  The result has been one of outrage from Veterans and Canadians, similarly appalled by the treatment of veterans. Next week, there’ll be a wave of closures of Veteran’s Affairs offices around the country, leaving thousands of veterans, young and old, struggling to learn where they...

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