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Learning French with Ruth Ellen

Surviving and satisfying linguistic expectations in Ottawa requires an understanding of these French particulars IN THE PUBLIC SERVICE, and especially in Ottawa, you cannot get anywhere without a comfortable and professional grasp of the French language. Statistically, a great many Canadians lack daily exposure to French and Québécois culture, irreducible to passionate, lyrical fighting or cheese curds. This underlines a systemic challenge for many in the workplace, where meeting bilingual expectations might mean the difference between getting a promotion or being terminated. One of the greatest professions in any functional society is teaching. Teaching our next generation of Canadians...

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Emery’s Edibles: Blazin’ Brownies

Resident trailblazer and home cook Marc offers an interesting twist on a crowd favourite. This week in Emery’s Edibles, Marc details his Blazin’ Brownie recipe. Try at home for yourself and friends.

Marc’s recipe offers an edgy and different spin on brownies. The addition of marijuanas to the recipe gives a pleasant earthy texture while cutting down on unwanted fats. While cooking with marijuanas can be a rewarding endeavor, one should always use caution as marijuana is an extremely dangerous gateway drug and can lead to heroine or cocaine use if misused. (more)

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