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Poll Tracking – September 28

With twenty days to go in this Big Bertha of a campaign, the Conservatives have pulled into a ridiculously comfortable lead. After leader Stephen Harper came out strongly against niqab wearing at citizenship ceremonies, support for his Conservative Party has skyrocketed to an unheard of 70% support. It is literally off the charts. This number, while striking, should not come as a complete surprise, as a recent poll shows that 82% of Canadians agree with him on the issue. Thomas Mulcair‘s NDP took a hit this week for their proposal to make wearing niqabs mandatory at Canadian citizenship ceremonies. They now sit at 9%....

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Poll numbers continue to shift week-by-week as this long campaign chugs along. Stephen Harper‘s Conservatives fell 25 points to 22% after he announced that the new Home Renovation Tax Credit would apply to “brown people” only. The NDP numbers skyrocketed 15 points overnight after Thomas Mulcair won a hand-to-hand fight with a grizzly bear during a campaign stop in Kamloops. They now sit with a comfortable lead and solidly in majority territory at 45%. Justin Trudeau saw his third week of steady growth after spending six days straight last week balancing random children on his hands and lifting them above...

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