Author: The Rain Man

Town of Tisdale, Sask., changes slogan

Tisdale, Sask., has bid farewell to “Land of Rape and Honey” and unveiled a new slogan to reflect its changing demographic – “Land of Rape and Halal”. The slogan and a new logo will appear on signs and stationery, the culmination of a year-long process to refresh the town’s controversial brand. With the sudden influx of Muslim immigrants, the town has opted to symbolically embrace its new residents with the modernized slogan. “The ‘Land of Rape and Halal’ brand will be a prominent component as Tisdale adjusts to its new reality,” the town said in a news release. The regions’...

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MetaCanada Reporter Nick Beard Removed From Harper Campaign Bus

Late Monday night, the Harper campaign’s tour bus coasted into Toronto, smoke emitting from the entire vehicle. Shortly afterwards, MetaCanada reporter Nick Beard was removed from the campaign bus, and officially booted from the media team travelling with the Conservatives. It was reported that Beard was smoking a marijuana cigarette in the bus washroom. When fellow journalists smelled the familiar odour, they reported it to bus security. “This is not something we tolerate on our campaign,” said Conservative campaign spokesman Kory Teneycke. “Mr. Beard has been removed from the bus and MetaCanada has had it’s CPC accreditation revoked for...

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